Grad Requirements

Requirements - 23 credits (Grades 9-12)

4 years of English 4 credits

4 years of Social Studies 4 credits

3 years of Math (grades 9-11) 3 credits

3 years of Science (9th grade required, Biology required) 3 credits

Arts (Media or Visual Arts, Music) 1 credit

Technology 1 credit

Physical Education – 9th grade .5 credit

Health – 9th grade .5 credit

Elective classes (6 credits grades 9-12) make up the balance of credits

Students are allowed only one hour of Study Hall per day.

Students can take any class more than once, but they will only receive a credit once.

Students will have 4 days to change schedules at the beginning of a class. If during these 4 days they wish to change a class, they must have a parent signature on an add/drop slip. After these 4 days, if a student decides to drop a class, the student will be given an F. Example: Spanish is a year long class. If it is dropped after the first four days, the student will receive an F for the quarter.

If a student gets removed from a class, that student gets an F for that specific quarter. The student is not able to return to the class and must choose an alternative class for the rest of the school year.

Students will not be allowed to take correspondence courses for any of the requirements for graduation unless they are a senior who needs credit for graduation in that year.

Senior high students may take geometry for a graduation credit at the discretion of the math teacher and administration.