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Monte Nelson

Mike Imhof

Keith Knaeble

Trent Wimmer

Kim Wimmer

Jonathan Blake

2022 Proposed Property Tax Levy Notice

On November 22, 2021, the statements of Proposed Property Taxes for 2022 were delivered to property owners in Koochiching County.

Many may have noticed a large jump in the property tax allocation for this school district. It is important to know that this statement is only a proposal at this time.

The School Board will have the option to reduce our levy amount at the December 15, 2021 Regular School Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the School Board Room.

The Agenda will be posted on this page below on the Friday before the meeting.

Please feel free to attend the December 15, 2021 meeting to hear the Truth in Taxation Presentation at the start of the meeting and have the opportunity to ask questions at that time.

All School Board Meetings are open to the public and are held monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the School Board Room.

  • Anyone wishing to address the School Board during the Public Forum must sign on a provided clipboard giving their name and topic of concern. This must be completed prior the Chair calling the meeting to order.
  • The Chair will recognize speakers in the order in which they registered. If the number of speakers will exceed the Public Forum time frame, generally a maximum of thirty (30) minutes, the Chair may recognize speakers out of order in order to hear both sides of an issue.
  • Each speaker will be limited to three (3) minutes. Unused time cannot be given to another speaker.
  • The Chair will have the discretion to terminate any speaker’s time if, in the opinion of the Chair, the speaker or topic is deemed out of order.
  • All speakers will address the Chair, not the Board.
  • No action will be taken on Public Forum issues at the meeting that are not already on the current agenda. Items may be put on the agenda of future Board meetings following the policy and protocol for doing so.
  • The Chair may close the Public Forum at any time
School Board Agenda

Littlefork-Big Falls Public Schools

Independent School District No. 362, Koochiching County

700 Main Street


Phone: (218) 278-6614

Fax: (218) 278-6615

Jamie Wendt


K-12 Principal


NOTICE: Regular Meeting of the School Board of School District #362

PLACE: Board Room, Littlefork, MN

TIME:  Wednesday, January 19, 2022 7:00 p.m.

Board Member Jonathan Blake will attend remotely, from 5059 County Road 72, Littlefork, MN


  1. Call to Order
  2. Election of Officers
    1. Chairperson
    2. Vice-Chairperson
    3. Clerk
    4. Treasurer
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Student of the Month/Recognition
  5. Correspondence
  6. Public Forum - items may be submitted to:
  7. Minutes
  8. Invoices
  9. Treasurer’s Report
  10. Miller McDonald Audit Report
  11. Board Appointments
  12. Set School Board Compensation
  13. Set Meal Allowances
  14. Set Mileage Allowance
  15. Set Regular Board Meeting Dates & Times
  16. Designation of Depositories
  17. Designation of Official Newspaper
  18. Designation of Legal Counsel
  19. Littlefork CERC Appointments
  20. Big Falls CERC Appointments
  21. Committee Reports
    1. Technology
    2. Curriculum
  22. Accept Retirement of Jerolyn Nordlund at the end of the SY2021-2022
  23. Accept Resignation of Mikaela Hultstrand at the end of the SY2021-2022
  24. Approve Demotion Effective January 3, 2022
  25. Approve Updates to the Safe In-Person Learning Plan
  26. Administrative Report
  27. Next School Board Meeting: February 16, 2022, 7:00 p.m. Littlefork-Big Falls School
  28. Adjourn