Share a Good Book with Friends!

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up with a good book. Let your friends know which books you enjoy so they can experience them, too!


Don't Dry Up in the Desert!

Just like we need water to survive in the desert, we need to read to keep up our skills.

Research indicates that reading a minimum of 6 books at our independent reading level during the summer months will enable us to maintain our reading skills. Reading 8 or more books over the summer will actually INCREASE our reading skills!

Don't let your skills dry up...READ, READ, READ!


Spread the Light - Read a Book!

Lighthouses lead the way for ships in the dark. So, too, books lead us through life with knowledge and confidence so we don't become "lost" in our global society.

Let reading be your lighthouse of the world!

Welcome to the World of Reading!

Welcome to the beautiful Littlefork-Big Falls School Media Center. Resources include books (print, audio, and ebooks), newspapers, magazines, videos, puzzles, read-along kits, computers, and so much more.

Our mission is to help students locate, access, and evaluate resources in an efficient and effective manner. By working together, we can help our youth become lifelong learners and readers!

Contact: Mrs. Stiles

eBook Access Tips
  • Tap on MackinVIA icon
  • Once it opens, start typing “Littlefork” into School Name box; a drop-down menu will appear (note:must type at least “littlef” before the right list comes up).
  • Select Elementary (2nd through 6th) or High School (7th through 12th grades).
  • Type in your Backpack User ID, which is the same User ID used to login to the school computers
  • Type in Backpack Password (obtained through Media Specialist or Classroom Teachers)
  • Tap on image in center of screen to get eBook listing and scroll through the collection
  • Tap on “Check Out” button for eBook you select
  • Once you check one out, you will see options to “Open Now,” “Add to Favorites” (maybe check out later?), “Renew”, or “Return”. If you wish to return the eBook before the due date, this is where you would go. If you keep it until the due date, it automatically checks in on that date unless you “renew”.
  • There are Help and Exit links in the upper right-hand corner, along with a “backpack”. By tapping on the backpack image, you can see what you currently have checked out and more.
  • NOTE that information on the eBooks may also be accessed through the online L-BF School Library program (Destiny). When doing a search in Destiny, eBooks appear as an icon with an “E” on a book cover underneath the book title. By clicking on the title, there is a link in blue “Click here to view book” under the “Explore!” section. This link will bring you to the MackinVIA Reader.
High School Study Hall

Study Hall is a time for studying -- completing homework, doing research, reading. Students are expected to arrive with all needed materials, use their time wisely, work quietly and independently, act responsibly, and be considerate of others.

Contact: Mrs. Stiles