Littlefork-Big Falls School District # 362

Overall Goal:

To have every child in the Littlefork-Big Falls Public Schools reading at or above grade level no later than the end of grade 3.

  • Grade level is defined 40% reading proficiency on STAR Assessments, and meeting the Minnesota State Reading Standards on the Minnesota Comprehension Assessment (MCA) Test.
Instructional Leadership

Literacy leadership is provided at each grade level. The leadership team consists of administration, Title 1 staff, Special Education, and Pre-K through grade 3 classroom teachers. An action plan is in place to achieve our reading goals.

Our two year action plan consists of:

  • developing a consistent method of assessment for reading proficiency
  • providing data driven instruction
  • providing parents and staff access to quality learning, tools, technologies, and resources
  • meeting three times a year to review assessment data
  • providing services and interventions for children and families at risk
  • monitoring/measuring progress through consistent and ongoing assessment
Professional Development

All teachers will have the opportunity to attend ongoing professional development that encourages best practices in literacy instruction and implementation. Professional Development Communities will be formed to promote better literacy instruction through a team orientated approach.

Multi-tiered System of Support

Our current intervention system consists of differentiated small group instruction and informal progress monitoring. Students not meeting the reading proficiency goal of 40% are referred to Title 1 for intensive and supplemental literacy instruction.  Students not showing growth or are at a higher risk are referred for further evaluation.

Our two year action plan consists of:

  • incorporating DIBELS Data System as a measurement tool for progress
  • emphasizing differentiation in core instruction and include extended time for literacy instruction
  • accelerating and supporting student literacy through interventions
  • determining placement in intervention by examination of multiple data points
Family and Community Partnerships

The Littlefork-Big Falls K-3 Literacy Plan will continue to be posted on our school web site for parents and community.

Parents will be notified of their child’s reading proficiency through:

  • STAR individual assessment reports
  • DIBELS Data System reports
  • parent teacher conferences
  • quarterly report cards
  • teacher communication

Parents will be provided resources for helping their child be proficient in reading through:

  • school web site links
  • teacher supplements
  • DIBELS home connect letters
  • collaborating with Community Education
  • providing access of their child’s reading level to help them select appropriate text
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Curriculum


The Literacy Leadership Team will meet to ensure curriculum is aligned to the 2010 English Language Arts Standards.

Our two year action plan consists of:

  • continuing to align core academic standards to our current reading series
  • working to provide a high quality literacy rich classroom environment
  • motivating and encouraging self-directed learning


We will provide scientifically researched based reading instruction as aligned to the common core standards.

Our two year action plan consists of:

  • providing explicit and systematic reading instruction in the following five areas - phonics - phonemic awareness - fluency - vocabulary - comprehension
  • providing a differentiated approach to literacy instruction
  • exposing students to fiction and nonfiction text of various genres and cultures
  • providing explicit instruction to promote higher level thinking, utilizing various reading strategies, and building connections for life-long learning
  • introducing and integrating various strategies that incorporate supportive technologies and digital learning


Students are considered at high risk if performing below the 40th percentile according to our current STAR Assessment screening tool, which is administered three times a year.

Our two year action plan consists of:

  • implementing DIBELS Data System as a progress monitoring and screening tool
  • administering assessments to provide data driven instruction and supporting differentiation three times a year
  • aligning summative assessments to 2010 MN Academic Standards in English Language Arts