Threat was confirmed a Hoax
Threat confirmed a hoax


This afternoon, the Koochiching County Sheriff's Office called our school to notify us of a report that had been called in reporting an active shooter at the Falls High School. They were already in route to the Falls School to respond to the incident. At that time, there were no confirmed reports of injuries or actual shots fired.

L-BF initiated Closed Campus procedures as a caution, even though no threats on our property had been reported. Closed Campus procedures require no one new is allowed to enter the building and no students or staff are allowed to exit the building without special arrangements. During a Closed Campus, the school day continues as normal with regular classes and transitions as usual.

The Koochiching County Sheriff's Department later confirmed the threats to be a hoax similar to the one at Lourdes High School in Rochester, MN earlier this morning.

This link is to an article regarding that incident. Update: Lourdes High School report of an active shooting was "swatting" incident;​news/local/report-of-person-​with-a-rifle-at-lourdes-high-​school

L-BF made the decision to remain in Closed Campus protocol for the remainder of the school day as a precaution. Students will go home as usual at the end of the day and after school activities will continue as normal.

Thank you to the Koochiching County Sheriff's Department for their quick response to the incident and for keeping us updated.

School Board Elections
school board election

The filing period for school board candidacy is now closed. Three board seats are open and each voter will be asked to vote for three candidates.

Running for school board on your ballot this November are:

Incumbent Mike Imhof

Incumbent Trent Wimmer

New candidate Anna Fisher

New candidate Kristi Benedict

New candidate Nathan Zortman

New candidate Jennifer Horne

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